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Yr 5 Sparrowhawk & Tawny Owl

This week's Y5 Home Learning

BBC Bitesize - The Solar System

We have been really focused on Earth, the Sun and the Moon and how they move in space and what this means for us this week. Make sure you really understand it all by exploring the BBC Bitesize resources on this topic by following the link above.

Last week's Year 5 home learning:


Well done all of Year 5 for your wonderful descriptive writing this week, imagining what life on the international Space Station would be like! Next week we will be focusing on non-fiction writing and crafting some really clear and strong paragraphs explaining what we have learned in science about the solar system.


To get ready: use this BBC Bitesize page to learn all about paragraphs.

* Watch the videos

* Read the information

* Try the Quiz and Activity, writing a paragraph about the seasons, or something of your choice.


Your task is to learn to say, spell and show that you understand the meaning of these words.


Do this in a way you choose. You could:


* use a dictionary to look up meanings you don't know

* make a glossary of the words that are new to you

* write a paragraph including the words

* ask a grown up to test you on meaning and spellings

* another idea of your choice


We'd love to put anything you create on the Topic Wall!

Previous Home Learning

We've also talked about lots of ways to learn times tables this week - keep practising these at home and next week we will also have a go at  Times Tables Rock Stars at school.

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