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How does the local governing body work?

How does the local governing body work?


The River Learning Trust delegates key strategic responsibilities to the local governing body. The governors then work collaboratively with the Headteacher and senior staff to establish the vision and ethos of the school within the context of The River Learning Trust. Together with the Headteacher and senior staff, they use the published school performance data and additional outcomes from the school’s self-evaluation to inform priorities in the School Improvement Plan. They set clear, ambitious targets for the school and support the Headteacher in developing policies, budgets, and staffing structures to achieve these aims. They also appoint the Headteacher.


Governors act as critical friends to the school, reviewing the performance of the Headteacher, checking that progress is being made towards targets, and evaluating the effectiveness of policies and the School Improvement Plan. They also help celebrate the school's successes and ensure that parents and carers are appropriately involved and informed.


Governors get to know the school by attending meetings and visiting the school during the day.


The governing body is organised into two sub-committees, which take responsibility for holding the Headteacher accountable for the educational and financial performance of the school. Each governor is allocated to one of the two sub-committees, and some governors take on specific responsibilities, for example, Safeguarding and Health & Safety. All governors attend the Local Governing Body Meetings. 



Impact Committee: This committee has an overview of the academic performance of the school and the children's experiences. 


Impact Committee Members: 

Sarah Pugh (Chair of Committee & Community Governor)

Evin Abrishami Community Governor)

Danielle Ballantine-Drake (Parent Governor)

Jess Berntsson (Teacher Staff Governor)

Jon Gray (Headteacher)

Miriam Levene (Community Governor)

Chris Phillips (Community Governor)

Patrick Vale (Parent Governor & Chair of Governors)

Invited: Charlotte Stewart (Deputy Headteacher)


Resources Committee: This committee has an overview of the effectiveness of the school's resources, including staffing, equipment and the building and grounds. It also oversees the school's budget, Health & Safety and Safeguarding.


Resources Committee Members: 

Vacant (Chair of Committee)

Jon Gray (Headteacher)

Kate Coldwell (Parent Governor)

Beth Howley (Community Governor)

Patrick Vale (Parent Governor & Chair of Governors)

Leila Whitworth  (Parent Governor & Vice Chair)

Sara Zumbuhl (Support Staff Governor)

Invited Rachel Forsyth (Business Manager)



Governors also have individual responsibilities. These governors will meet regularly with staff at the school.


Admissions: Admissions Committee (Resources Committee)


Assessment Data: Chris Phillips


Behaviour and Attendance: Beth Howley


Communications & PR: Kate Coldwell


English: Sarah Pugh


Equality & Diversity: Evin Abrishami


EYFS: Danielle Balantyine-Drake, 


Finance: Vacancy


Health and Safety: Vacancy 


Inspire Curriculum: Danielle Balantyine-Drake, Chris Phillips & Sarah Pugh


Mathematics: Leila Whitworth


Pupil Premium: Chris Phillips


Safeguarding: Beth Howley


SEND: Miriam Levene


Site & Resources Development: Patrick Vale 


Staffing & Appraisal: Pay Committee (Resources Committee)