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Curriculum Impact



Continuity and progression in the curriculum will be built around essential knowledge, understanding and key skills within subject areas. These are broken into year-group expectations, and teachers plan additional challenges for able learners. The ‘Essential Knowledge, Skills and Understanding' within our Curriculum helps to ensure that the learners’ essential skills are being developed, alongside National Curriculum requirements (where appropriate).


Because learning is a change to long-term memory, it is impossible to see the impact in the short term. Teachers will make learning assessments at three moments in time.


  • In lessons: Teachers will gather formative assessment information about how well a child has grasped a learning objective - to inform what knowledge needs to be taught in the next session. Low-stakes quizzes used to support knowledge retrieval are one way of gathering this information.
  • At the end of sequences of lessons: Teachers will form judgements about how well a child has connected subject domain content - to inform what needs to be taught in that subject next time around.
  • At the end of a year: Teachers will make summative judgements about how well a child has mastered subject domain content and how proficiently the child has made towards the end-of-year outcomes.



The quality of the curriculum will be reviewed using the following methods:


  • Through Curriculum Planning 
  • Quality of children’s work
  • Lesson drop-ins
  • Assessments
  • Children Discussions
  • Staff Discussions
  • Any third-party analysis
  • Any statutory testing
  • In our Larkrise Look Magazine




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