Larkrise Primary SchoolInspire Through Creativity, Kindness and Adventure.

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Welcome toLarkrise Primary SchoolInspire through Creativity, Kindness and Adventure.

Curriculum Intent

Larkrise is a vibrant and caring school that proudly reflects the diversity of our community. 

We designed our Inspire Curriculum to ensure our children:


  • are creative and innovative in their thinking, inspired by curiosity about the world; 
  • show kindness to themselves, each other, our community and the environment; 
  • are adventurous enough to embrace challenges and strive for excellence.


Our curriculum inspires and enables pupils at Larkrise to live these values and make a tangible impact on the world around them. This is further enhanced by the wide enrichment opportunities available to a school situated in the world-renowned city of dreaming spires.


Pupils at Larkrise develop an understanding of their strengths and talents and of what is important to them, as well as a belief in the impact they are capable of having on the world through their actions and using their voice. They are empowered to think critically about new ideas and innovatively about challenges. On leaving Larkrise they will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and ambition to achieve success in later education and health and happiness in their lives. 

Our termly Big Questions drive enquiry-led learning across the curriculum and promote reasoning linked to our values of Creativity, Kindness and Adventure. Our Core Texts and Reading Spine stimulate creativity and curiosity, provide opportunities to broaden vocabulary and encourage a desire to read for pleasure. They also expose children to the wider world beyond their classroom, whilst enabling them to see their role within it.