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Welcome toLarkrise Primary SchoolInspire through Creativity, Kindness and Adventure.

Curriculum Implementation

Our Big Questions drive enquiry-led learning journeys for each term. Learning across the curriculum is linked to our values of creativity, kindness and adventure with a strong PSHCE focus. The learning journeys  help children to understand themselves and their relationships, their community and the wider world.


Our Core Texts stimulate creativity and curiosity, provide opportunities to broaden vocabulary and encourage a desire to read for pleasure. They also expose children to the wider world beyond their classroom, whilst enabling them to see their role within it. 


Our curriculum is further enhanced by the opportunities available to a school situated in the world-renowned city of dreaming spires. We make use of our immediate and local environment for learning outside the classroom, with a wide range of trips, visits, visitors and extra-curricular experiences which provide broad and balanced enrichment.

Long Term


  • Progression Grids map subject-specific knowledge and skills for each curriculum area, from EYFS to Year 6. 


Medium Term

  • Topic Webs are an overview of each termly learning journey, showing how different areas of the curriculum support children being able to answer the Big Question.



Short Term


  • Weekly Timetables show the planned lessons for the week and are shared with all adults working with the year group with links to 'Planning for Progress' lesson slides and resources.


  • Planning for Progress slides are used by teachers to support teaching in individual lessons to ensure they incorporate Inclusive Quality First Teaching, detailed below.




Inclusive Quality First Teaching (IQFT) means high quality inclusive teaching together with our continuous whole school processes for assessing, planning, implementing, tracking, monitoring and reviewing your child’s progress.

  • The teacher has the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class
  • All teaching builds on what your child already knows, can do and understand, which is assessed through observation, skillful questioning and low-stakes retrieval quizzes
  • Lessons are appropriately scaffolded, which means different ways of teaching and support are in place so that your child can access the lesson and is fully involved in their learning. Some examples of scaffolding are: additional resources to support children's learning, opportunities for paired work or small group work, different ways of presenting children's learning such as having access to chromebooks. 
  • Specific strategies (suggested by the SENCo) to support your child to learn
  • On-going assessment within the day-to-day framework of the classroom of your child’s progress to identify any gap or gaps in their understanding/learning

The following documents sets out our core principles for Inclusive Quality First Teaching at Larkrise.