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Inspire Music - Intent, Implementation & Impact

Inspire Music 




At Larkrise Primary School, we inspire our children through the Music Curriculum, which we have developed based on the National Curriculum for Music and Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage where musical knowledge and skills are evident through ‘Being Imaginative and Creative’ in Expressive Art & Design.


Inspire Creativity & Adventure: Creativity is at the core of our Inspire curriculum. Throughout their time at Larkrise, we want students to develop a love of music and enjoy the many benefits, both educational and mental, that a life full of music can offer. We want to give them opportunities to be adventurous by embarking upon learning instruments and performing in front of an audience.


Inspire Kindness: Music helps children connect to themselves as well as to the people around them - it crosses all cultural, spiritual and educational boundaries. We want all children to be able to ‘feel musical’ regardless of prior attainment or background.


Our Schemes of Work for Music are structured across the following areas of learning, which can be found in our Music  Progression Grids.





The Inspire Music curriculum is supported by Charanga Musical Schools, with the key areas being:

  • Listening & Responding to music
  • Understanding and using the language of music
  • Developing Performance awareness and skills


Our progression grids track small, sequential steps within each area. The units for key stages 1 and 2 are based on a spiral curriculum. This means that each theme is revisited regularly (at least once in each year group), and pupils revisit each theme through a new unit that consolidates and builds on prior learning within that theme. 


The music curriculum focuses on singing, playing a range of instruments and building up students’ musical confidence so that they can create and compose their own music. This will be aided by listening to a wide range of music.


Like all areas of our Inspire Curriculum, we have used research evidence to develop our teaching and learning pedagogy. For more information, please see our Inclusive Quality First Teaching Key Principles.




By the time children in Year 6 leave us we want them to have the following experiences and understanding: 


Inspire Knowledge and Skills:  Larkrise students will have a love and appreciation of music. They will have had the opportunity to play a range of instruments, both following musical notation and inventing their own compositions. They will be able to use musical vocabulary to discuss the music they listen to and play.


Inspire Creativity & Adventure: Throughout their time at Larkrise, students have yearly opportunities to perform to each other, and to parents and the community. 


As with all subjects, we strive to ensure that the music at Larkrise is inclusive. 


We work hard to ensure that all children can contribute to performances, supporting and scaffolding where needed. Some children will find their greatest successes or most memorable occasions in participating in musical performances. 


Children leave Larkrise with a greater understanding of the different music from our communities and culture and how that complements music from all over the world. They should appreciate that music is something to be celebrated and something that brings people together, regardless of background. 


Inspire Kindness:  Music and Performance allows children to be brave and proudly speak up for themselves. At Larkrise, we want our students to develop a strong self of themselves, and our music curriculum will empower them with the skills and confidence to share that with the world.