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Yr 3 Starling & Woodpecker

This week's Yr 3 Home Learning

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This week we have been practising the art of persuasion.

Choose whether it would be better to be invisible or to be able to fly. Then, use the words and phrases below, like you did at school, to persuade someone at home of your choice.

Maybe you can use them to persuade them of something else too!

Bonus! This week in Science Year 3 learned all about how light travels in straight lines and what reflection means. Take a look at this BBC Bitesize page about reflection


We tried the experiment below in class and it was really fun!  Maybe you could recreate it at home. You will need a torch, 3 mirrors, a book and an object to be your target.  

Watch these videos to remind yourself how to subtract using Base-10.


Then try the subtractions below.

You can draw your base 10 or use some objects you can find around the house e.g. pencils  for tens and beads for ones. 

Column subtraction with dienes base 10 (without and with exchanging)

In this video we use Dienes base 10 to help children understand column subtraction. We begin by looking at subtraction without exchanging, then looking at su...

Subtract 2-Digit Numbers Using Base-Ten Blocks: 2.NBT.7

Students learn to subtract 2-digit numbers using base-ten blocks with and without regrouping a ten...

Year 3 Subtraction Questions

  1. 23 - 15 = 

  2. 46 - 28 = 

  3. 51 - 35 = 

  4. 63 - 49 =