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Yr 4 Blackbird & Lapwing

This week's Yr 4 Home Learning:

This week we would like you to practice telling the time at home at regular points. Get an adult to ask you to look at a clock throughout the day. If you are not feeling confident yet, use the link below to set the clock to different times and write the time down.


If you are feeling confident, try calculating the time difference between different activities.


How long is:


1. The time between when you wake up and when you go to school?

2. The time between when you get home and when you go to bed?

3. The time between when you get home and when you eat dinner?

4. The time between when you go to sleep and when you wake up?

Y4, we would like you to continue to use the ‘Sound Check’ section of TTRS at home as we have seen some great improvements in the speed of your multiplication recall! 


We will be moving onto money in maths next week, so it would also be helpful if you could have a look at the value of different coins and notes.

Last week's Yr 4 Home Learning

Parents and Carers can find out more about the Multiplication Check by clicking here.



In the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at time in maths. In this digital age we have noticed that many of our children struggle to tell the time on an analogue clock, so we would like you to practise! 


Here are links to online activities you may find useful.


What is analogue and digital time? - BBC Bitesize


The 12 and 24 hour clock - Maths - Learning with BBC Bitesize


Teaching Clock   

Friday 11th January


We would like you to experiment making your own stop motion animation at home. This could be using paper like we did in class, but with a more detailed image. Or if you have access to a device with a camera, you could take photos of an object, with it moving a small amount each time e.g. lego, decorated fruit. When you flick through the photos, it will look like it's moving. We'd love to see some of your creations!


Last term's Year 4 Home Learning:

Estimate the length of some objects in your home and then measure them to check your guess.

Record your answers in cm and m.

Which one did you get the closest estimate for?





.Drinks bottle

.Jam jar



Watch this video to help you revise using speech marks:

Then complete the task below:


Watch this video about archeologists:


Next week we will have some Roman archaeology experts visiting our classroom! Your task for home learning is to write some questions that you would like to ask them. You could aim for 5 questions.


Top tips:

* Start each question with a capital letter

* End each sentence with a... ?

* Use words like What/When/Where/How/Why to help you write open questions


Help with questions and how to write them:

Year 4 Maths - Column Subtraction - 4 digit - 4 digit - with exchanging

Previous Year 4 Home Learning:

Column Addition

Miss Berntsson models how to do column addition to help you remember how to do it. Practise at home with the questions below.