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Yr 4 Blackbird & Lapwing

This week's Yr 4 Home Learning

Watch this video to help you revise using speech marks:

Then complete the task below:


Last week's Year 4 Home Learning:

Watch this video about archeologists:


Next week we will have some Roman archaeology experts visiting our classroom! Your task for home learning is to write some questions that you would like to ask them. You could aim for 5 questions.


Top tips:

* Start each question with a capital letter

* End each sentence with a... ?

* Use words like What/When/Where/How/Why to help you write open questions


Help with questions and how to write them:

Year 4 Maths - Column Subtraction - 4 digit - 4 digit - with exchanging

Previous Year 4 Home Learning:

Column Addition

Miss Berntsson models how to do column addition to help you remember how to do it. Practise at home with the questions below.