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Phonics & Reading Schemes



At Larkrise Primary School Pearson Bug Club is used to teach synthetic phonics.


A graduated approach is used and children begin phonics as soon as they enter Reception class. Phonics is taught daily through a systematic approach. Children are taught within their class and any additional support required is delivered in small groups.


In Reception children begin by developing an awareness of sounds through stories, rhymes and games. They quickly move on to learn the links between individual letters and their sounds. There are 44 different sounds to be learnt and again these are taught in a systematic way throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1.


You can find out more about Bug Club Phonics by watching the videos below. 

Overview of Bug Club Phonics for parents and carers

Phonics Explained

Video frm Natalia Trendler (English Subject Lead) and Helen Pearson (Early Reading & Phonics Lead) explaining

Letter Sounds (British English)

Listen to the 42 letter sounds spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice before an example word is given.

Reading at Larkrise 


At Larkrise we encourage a love of reading by using a combination of the Parson 'Bug Club' Reading Scheme and non-scheme books.


More information about 'Bug Club' can be found by clicking on the website below. 

The link below explains reading bands within the 'Bug Club' reading scheme.

What do Book Band levels mean?

As well as real books Larkrise children also have access to 'Bug Club E Books

For parents: What is Bug Club and what are the benefits?