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Nursery Admissions for April 2022 & Beyond

Nursery Admissions

Children can start in our Nursery the term after they turn three years of age. We can also take  two years old children who are entitled to "Two Year Old Funding" slightly earlier in the term they turn three years of age. All children will be offered a 15 hours per week universal free place in a morning or afternoon nursery session. We offer 30 hours a week sessions to those parents/carers who qualify. 


For more information please click on the links below.  

The following dates are set out when children can start and deadlines for applications.


For 2021/2022 Start Dates are as follows:


Autumn Term Start: Monday 6th September 2021


Spring Term Start: Wednesday 5th January 2022


Summer Term Start: Monday 25th April 2022



For 2022/2023 Start Dates are as follows:


Autumn Term Start: Wednesday 7th September 2022


Spring Term Start: Thursday 5th January 2023


Summer Term Start: Monday 17th April 2023




Due to the increase in demand for Future Nursery Admissions, we have set the following deadlines for on-time admissions:

Admissions can be made at any time but admissions made after the deadline will be classed as late admissions with those parents/carers making an on-time admission taking priority. If you have missed these dates, please contact the school to see if we have any places available. 


To start in April 2022 - Admission Deadline Friday 10th December 2021


To Start in September 2022 - Admissions Deadline Friday 29th April 2022


To start in January 2023 - Admission Deadline Friday 15th July 2022


To start in April 2023 - Admission Deadline Friday 16th December 2022


Request an Initial Interest Pack - Nursery

To request an Initial Interest Pack to be emailed to you please complete this form. Please state your child's(ren's) names and date of birth.