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Home Learning Support

Accessing the Google Classroom Platform


We are very impressed with all of our families for their engagement with Google Classroom and home learning. We are trying to ensure that as many of our children as possible can access Google Classroom. This can be done on a tablet, mobile phone device, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and XBOX. If you are still having issues connecting to your Google Classroom account please contact and one of our staff members will support you. 

Accessing your child’s work


Teachers have taken lots of time to arrange the classwork in a sequential order each day. It is important that parents and carers access the Classwork subheading rather than the Stream heading. Work within the Classwork section has been clearly labelled under daily subheadings. Each page and each assignment also has a comments section. Please comment in the stream section if you need further clarification of the task


Google Classroom Demonstration for Parents, Carers and Children

Completing work without a printer


We are aware that some families do not have access to printers at home. Many pieces of set work will allow the child to edit directly into a live Google document. If this is not possible we are happy if children write answers onto paper. If you feel you need an exercise book with lined or squared paper please arrange a time to collect from school by emailing You can then upload photographs of the work completed for the class teachers and support staff to feedback on.

Uploading work to the classroom platform


Below are some useful videos showing you how to turn work into a class teacher so that the teacher can provide feedback and move the learning on.

Student View of Google Classroom Assignments

Watch this video if you have wondered what a students see when you give them assignments in Google Classroom or what they see when you return work to them in...

Google Classroom Assignments from Teacher and Student Perspectives

This video provides an overview of how teachers can give assignments in Google Classroom and how students can submit work for assignments in Google Classroom...

Using an android device to turn work in


Please find below a link to a document that demonstrates how to turn work on an android device.