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Week 3 Planning and Dealing with change
This week is about helping your child to be able to make plans, which help to lower anxiety, and to also be able to manage when some things don’t go to plan! It is about also seeing the positive when some things don’t go to plan and the surprises that this can bring.



Circle of Control - Make your own circle of control by drawing around your hand. Inside the hand, write “things I can control”. Outside the hand, write “things I can’t control”.


Now inside the hand, write or draw things that you can control such as: what I say to other people, how I behave, helping other people. Outside the hand, write or dra things you cannot control such as: if we go on holiday or not, what other people think, the weather.


You can use this activity as a talking point to ease frustration. For example, you cannot control that it is raining today. But you can control being calm and thinking of other fun activities to do inside!


For older children, you might like to ask them what they think is inside and outside your circle of control, and discuss how sometimes you might feel frustrated, too. This is a good way to build up some understanding and empathy.



Playing games together helps to build teamwork and cooperation skills, as well as bringing us closer together.


Animal Charades: This game is more suitable for younger children. Use the print-out provided or make up your own list of animals. Take turns to choose an animal to act out while your audience guesses what it is, get everyone to work as a team to guess the animals.


What Am I?:  Each player is given a card with an animal/object/person written on it that they must not look at. They hold the card to their forehead, facing out so everyone else can read it. You must then go round taking turns to ask yes or no questions about what you are. For example: ‘Am I an animal?’ ‘Do I have four legs?’ ‘Do I have wings?’. Work together until everyone guesses what or who they are! You can use the printout provided or make up your own and write them on paper.




Today your child has been carrying out an experiment in school and looking at the outcome with a partner.


Choose one or two activities from the Parent and Child Activities Leaflet and play!


Did it turn out as you had expected? How did you cope if something went wrong? What did you enjoy the most?



Your child has been looking at when things don’t quite go as planned today. Ask your child how they did the superhero or monster paper folding activity and have a go! Draw your superhero or monster first then fold it up and put it to one side. Then do the folding activity with your child and see how different or similar the two ended up being. Talk about what you liked about
it being different from the one you had in your head.

•Pick a couple of relaxation activities out of Relax Kids to do together at bedtime or have a go at drawing your absolute favourite place to be and describe these to each other using every sense!



Think about what each member of the family would like to happen e.g. give a hug, get a cup of tea, help to wash up and offer to do something for each other you wouldn’t normally do! Tell each other how this made you feel.


Have a look in each other’s’ My Favourites Jars to see what is in there – anything surprising?

Week 2 'Love & Loss'
The focus for this week is about your child having a balance view about love and loss. They will be thinking about everything and everyone that is important to them and balancing this against some of the losses that they have experienced during being away from school (e.g. loss of routine, friendships, a ‘normal’ way of being).



Make your own Gratitude Journal to help you to reflect on what you are thankful for each day (add to this throughout the programme).


You will be mirroring the Guardian Angel activity that is happening at school at home!


Watch a reading of ‘The Invisible String’ by Patrice Karst together

The Invisible String~ Read With Me ~Story Time

The Invisible StringPatrice KarstIllustrated: Geoff Stevenson Read by Story Time Bunnies female voice



This is time to reflect on all the things that we were grateful for, that we enjoyed more than we thought and things that surprised us in a good way during lockdown.


The aim is to see that we can put a positive spin on many things that happen that are out of our control.



Today, children have been thinking about nature again. The main activity is playing a game of blind fold ‘guess the smell’ which is not as easy as you think!


Try the ‘Smell Challenge’ and ‘Hot Chocolate Breathing’ relaxation activities.



Your child has today been thinking about all of their favourite people and things in school. This evening make ‘My Favourite Things’ jars or empty
plastic bottles – one for each member of the family. This is a lovely chance to focus on what is important to each of you and to perhaps learn something new about each other!




Today your child has found out who their guardian angel has been in the classroom. They have also made a paper angel for them to say thank you. Your child is going to show you how to make an angel.


It is time for everyone in the household to guess who your angel at home has been and to make a thankyou angel for them with a message on.


Display the angels where everyone can see them. Take a picture and send it to